Our Story

Dirty carpets and stains don’t stand a chance!

A Story That Needs To Be Told

You’ll Say WOW Carpet Cleaning has an interesting story to tell. It began when Paddy Sweeney from South Westland moved to Australia and decided to set up a carpet cleaning business in 1990.

It wasn’t long before he found there were many stains he couldn’t remove. Stains such as Red Wine, Dog Urine, Soft Drink, Curry, Blood, Ink, Medicine, Makeup, and many more.


He searched for answers far and wide to remove these stubborn stains to no avail. So he decided to study chemistry and create his own solutions. This was a bit of an ask for someone who had left school at age 13. Nonetheless, success eventually prevailed and stain by stain over many months he eventually had a range of stain removal and cleaning products superior to anything else in the world.

Originally the enterprise was called Spruce Up and Sparkle Carpet Cleaning. With the advent of the new products, it was decided to rebrand the business name to Stain Busters Cleaning Systems and shortly after franchising in Australia commenced. In 2001, fellow Kiwi Leo Foster had a successful Stain Busters Franchise on the Sunshine Coast and wanted to return home to good ole NZ. This led to setting up a Franchise Partnership in NZ with Leo as Master Franchisee. The problem was the name Stain Busters was taken in New Zealand.

While this initially created a dilemma, it was regularly noted how often it was remarked by Franchise Partners that their happy clients said things like “WOW, you removed those stains, they have been there for years and no one else could do anything with them.” As this was a very common occurrence it led to Paddy and Leo choosing the name YOU’LL SAY WOW CARPET CLEANING. People have been saying WOW ever since wherever the system is available.